Lowrance HDS Pro 9 Combo Device with Active Imaging HD 3-in-1 Transduc — Ratter Baits
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Delivery all Europe and UK 3-8 days.
Delivery all Europe and UK 3-8 days.

Lowrance HDS Pro 9 Combo Device with Active Imaging HD 3-in-1 Transducer

Original price €2,666.78 - Original price €2,666.78
Original price €2,666.78
€2,666.78 - €2,666.78
Current price €2,666.78

Lowrance HDS Pro 9 offers unmatched sonar scanning capabilities with the technology of the HDS PRO series. This series of finely-tuned sonar systems allows you to explore with extreme detail and precision like never before.

Lowrance HDS PRO builds upon the features of its predecessor, offering enhanced capabilities in all areas of sonar use. This includes ActiveTarget2 Live, refreshed Active Imaging HD, Active Imaging HD FishReveal* sonar options, and a true dual-channel 1 kW CHIRP sonar.

Lowrance HDS PRO delivers with ActiveTarget2 Live, the newest model of the acclaimed ActiveTarget live sonar. Compared to the earlier iteration, ActiveTarget2 Live increases scope and provides incredible detail for objects and structures, redefining the fishing experience. Utilize up to two ActiveTarget2 live sonars on HDS PRO to get a complete 270° Scout Wide view around your vessel, a 180° view both forward and behind, or a joint Scout and forward view on a single display.

The Lowrance HDS Pro series is equipped with redesigned Active Imaging HD transducers, offering an unprecedented high-resolution SideScan sonar (1075kHz) with mega CHIRP frequency, a mega CHIRP DownScan (1225kHz) sonar, and a superior 2D CHIRP sonar. Together, these features make detecting fish simpler and more precise than ever before. Additionally, the series supports the FishReveal SideScan feature with a Lowrance S3100 sonar module and a FishReveal compatible Active Imaging HD transducer.

The advanced Lowrance HDS PRO is equipped with a powerful processor that makes it the most feature-rich Lowrance fishing system ever. The HDS PRO runs quickly and seamlessly when users are running multiple navigation and sonar functions simultaneously. Aside from the many sonar options, the HDS PRO can be connected to a range of external devices, including autopilots, Lowrance or Motorguide Electric trolling motors, VHF radios, radars, sound systems, and Power Pole anchors.

The HDS Pro supports all of Lowrance's most modern navigational capacities, such as C-MAP Easy Routing and Navionics Autorouting, plus the exclusive real-time Genesis Live chart. The built-in real-time Genesis Live mapping permits users to map their favorite fishing spots or waterways to their own specifications, with an outstanding resolution of up to 15cm which is displayed instantly on-screen. This data can be saved to a C-MAP map or onto an empty memory card..

The SolarMAX HD screen provides exceptional image and views of fish and bottom structures, plus chart data and sonar info can be clearly seen from all directions, including the glare of direct sunlight or through polarized sunglasses.

The Lowrance HDS PRO features a multi-touch screen, making it easy to access a range of data for safety and recreation while on the water. From mapping to depth, location, radar readings, and battery levels, the device is ideal for boating, fishing, and navigation. You can check on the information you need with just a single glance.

Key features:
• 9” high-resolution SolarMAX HD multi-touch screen, with the widest possible viewing angle – the screen can also be viewed in direct sunlight or through polarized sunglasses
• Active Imaging HD 3-in-1 & 2-in-1 (CHIRP/SideScan/DownScan Imaging™) compatible
• Active Imaging FishReveal HD 3-in-1 compatible (FishReveal SideScan requires an S3100 sonar module sold separately)
• ActiveTarget2 compatible (also supports the previous generation of ActiveTarget Live transducers)
• Supports the use of two ActiveTarget2 live sonars on one screen
• Scout, Ghost 360, and SideScan overlays on top of the chart view
• Smart FishReveal function in the DownScan and SideScan* views (*FishReveal SideScan requires an S3100 sonar module sold separately and an Active Imaging FishReveal HD transducer)
• True dual-channel CHIRP
• Built-in CHIRP and Broadband Sounder
• Improved surface noise reduction allows you to see more fish near the surface
• Expanded map and sonar views
• Real-time C-MAP Genesis Live – depth mapping
• C-MAP Easy Routing and Navionics Autorouting compatible
• Chart options include C-MAP DISCOVER™, C-MAP REVEAL, and Navionics charts, for example
• The system can be controlled using the multi-touch screen or quick-access keyboard
• User-programmable hotkeys (in the 10”, 12”, and 16” models)
• Lowrance Outboard Pilot autopilot control and management from the touchscreen
• Lowrance Ghost electric trolling motor control and management from the touchscreen
• MotorGuide Xi3 and Xi5 electric trolling motor control and management from the touchscreen
• Power-Pole anchor control and management from the touchscreen
• Lowrance HALO radar support
• Lowrance LINK VHF radio support
• NMEA 2000 outboard motor support
• Wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections
• Smartphone notifications
• Easy flush-mount or stand
• NMEA 2000 Micro-C port
• 2 x 9-pin sonar port
• 2 x Ethernet data transfer port
• 2 x micro SD card slot (max. 32 GB)
• Internal memory 8 GB
• Storage space: 3 000 waypoints, 100 routes, and 100 tracks
• Waterproofing class IPX7
• Screen resolution 1 280 x 720
• Screen brightness > 1 200 Nits
• Operating temperature range -15...+55 °C
• Operating voltage 12V DC (10.8–17 VDC)
• Typical consumption 2.0 A @ 13 VDC
• Max. consumption 2.9 A @ 13 VDC

Included in the package:
• 9” HDS PRO combination device
• HD 3-in-1 transducer
• Screen protector
• Mounting stand
• Power cable and fuse