Patriot Ambidex Air 2000 FD Reel — Ratter Baits
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Delivery all Europe and UK 3-8 days.
Delivery all Europe and UK 3-8 days.

Patriot Ambidex Air 2000 FD Reel

by Patriot
Original price €48.99 - Original price €48.99
Original price
€48.99 - €48.99
Current price €48.99
Transmission 5.2:1
Trademark Patriot
Number of bearings 10+1

Patriot® brand offers high-performance open coils called Patriot® Open Coils. The latest addition to their Ambidex® product line is the Ambidex® AIR open reel, featuring 10+1 ball bearings for smooth rolling and exceptional performance. The stylish red-black outer shell conceals top-quality features that are available at an affordable price. The Ambidex® AIR open reel features high-quality bearings, a robust and corrosion-resistant HGG graphite frame, and a balanced RBS rotor that ensures smooth reeling.

The spool of the Ambidex® AIR open reel is perforated and lightweight, making it perfect for long and tangle-free casting. It also features a water-protected multi-disc brake pack that functions smoothly and reliably. The roughening of the fiber line and the beveled front edge reduce friction, enabling long and accurate casts. The Patriot® Ambidex® AIR open reel is a versatile and spectacular choice for various types of fishing.

The Patriot® 2000 series open coils are ideal for jig fishing, rapids fishing, and other similar forms of fishing due to their size and line capacity. They are suitable for use with a 6-8' rod.

The Patriot® 3000 series open coils are compact in size but can hold a bit more line if necessary, making them a universal choice. They are perfect for general fishing, trout fishing, and traditional pike fishing with a 7-9' rod.

The Ambidex® AIR open reel comes with several advanced features, including a 10+1 XPB (Xtreme Performance Bearings) bearing system, a multi-disc MDD (Multi-Disc Drag) front brake with oiled felt discs, a machined aluminum spool, and a moisture-protective WS (Water Shield) seal that prevents water from entering the brake. The HGG (High Grade Graphite) graphite body and rotor are sturdy and corrosion-resistant, while the RBS (Rotor Balancing System) rotor is computer-balanced for smooth performance. The FRS (Fast Roller System) ball-bearing line guide reduces friction and prevents line tangling, and the reel also features a durable aluminum handle, an IAR (Instant Anti-Reverse) crank without back movement, a light and durable EVA crank knob, a sturdy aluminum crank, a brass pinion wheel, and even line winding. The Ambidex® AIR open reel is replaceable and comes with a spare bobbin. It also comes with a 2-year warranty for material and manufacturing defects.