Patriot Vacuum machine VAC-1 — Ratter Baits
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Delivery all Europe and UK 3-8 days.
Delivery all Europe and UK 3-8 days.

Patriot Vacuum machine VAC-1

by Patriot
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The VAC-1 vacuum packer is a very high-quality novelty device from Patriot for both home and professional kitchens. The vacuum machine is an easy-to-use, efficient and fast tool for vacuum packing food, such as meat and fish. Vacuum packaging significantly extends the shelf life of food, because all the air is sucked out of the packaging with the help of a machine. After this, the package is sealed tightly. The vacuum machine is used with vacuum bags or vacuum plastic.

With the Patriot VAC-1 vacuum packer, even a novice user can easily get up to speed, as it comes with a vacuum roll. The vacuum machine is easy to use thanks to its versatile features. The machine makes a precise mark quickly and efficiently, so you can vacuum even larger quantities of meat with little effort.

The vacuuming machine has an easy-to-use lock, a double pump and a double seam to make the vacuum as tight as possible. The machine is easy to clean, as it has a removable liquid tray.

Two different suction powers can be selected for the vacuum packer, fast and slightly slower for more sensitive foods. The machine fits a maximum of 30 cm wide vacuum bag and roll, so the device is suitable for a really versatile use.


Two different suction powers (high, gentle)
Three sealing times (Dry, Moist, Extended)
Joint width max. 300mm
Vacuum speed 20L/min
High suction power, max. -0.9 bar
Cutter and integrated place for the roll
Vacuum roller included
Double pump and seam
Easy-to-use lock
Size 403x196x120mm
Weight 2.5 kg