Spike-It Marker Pack — Ratter Baits
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Delivery all Europe and UK 3-8 days.

Spike-It Marker Pack

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The Spike-It Marker Value Pack contains four pens that can be used to color rubber baits and add flavor. These Spike-It Markers come in Chartreuse, Fire Red, Orange, and Blue, allowing for endless color combinations. With the included Spike-It markers, you can easily recolor rubber baits and hard baits according to your own preferences. The dye quickly absorbs into the material, permanently changing the lure's color. In just a few seconds, the Spike-It markers can add red spots, blue bite points, an orange belly, or chartreuse rubber tails, giving your bait a unique look that fish have never seen before. Additionally, these markers are infused with an attractant, appealing to the predator's sense of smell in addition to their eyes. The available aromas include GAMEFISH, GARLIC, and SHRIMP, which are all popular among various types of fish.

This pack comes with four pens, including Chartreuse (UV-active), Fire Red, Orange (UV-active), Blue.